My name is Tin Nguyen; I'm a dancer and artist with my wife. We try to integrate Art into all things that we do, for William Blake etched: "the whole Business of Man is the Arts and all Things Common". Gettin to rub elbows with many different kinds of folks keeps us sharp (Provers: Iron sharpens Iron) and in-tune to the real work (John 4:34) Jesus said (to the disciples), "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work."

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a firetruck in the valley


My dance training started with my exposure to Breaking 16 years ago. Breaking was a passion, and now over the years it has become a joy. Because of how I grew up, I felt that I had no identity until I started dancing. I went to local colleges to learn Modern Dance and other styles like Jazz and Ballet. Dance was my refuge from the storms of life, and it is my framework to understand all things. I currently teach dance in the region of College Station and Bryan, Texas.

I wrote an article for people who wants to learn how to break

a freeze in my sunday best as a masked dancer in countdown 2022, it was hard to see and breathe a freeze next to a the justin bua hip-hop mural with the b-boy in downtown los angeles behind the scene shoot with a crew in the LA river the crew for our shoot with the fresh drip snowy arrival in the midwest rehearsal on the empty stage our venue in the midwest quad cities the crew teaching the kids kids going crazy because of excitement attention please me speaking to the future celebrating passing inspection reheasal for a piece about anxiety hair cut and bleach for spoke and weal kevin torres aka nobody and me rocking the tap mills crew love at the real talk jam looking fresh on the job at a hotel on wilshire blvd summer workshop at the venice library with my brother ky the kids had a lot of fun dance big and be free caliban profile shot caliban with a puritan who teaches him about Jesus caliban playing with a child the child gives him drink caliban and his ogre friend dance at the arcade rental zone office post rehearsal at a studio on washington blvd

Visual Arts

I work with traditional mixed media (ink, charcoal, pastels, paints, markers, etc) and am trained in drawing / illustration. I've exhibited in galleries, drawn commissions for people, and sketched for companies in special events.


my wife painting on a wood panel a bboy doing a backrock to freeze a bgirl in a cypher a bruce lee commission that was 4 by 5 feet a drawing of three friends a life guard tower at zuma beach close up of a mermaid napping zoom out of the mermaid napping on a trash heap a mermaid and her snacks a mermaid sleeping and dreaming a mermaid researching a way to get home a cactus flower plant in black white and red a succulent plant in pastel fire caulking and silicone material for my job using a knife to draw with caulk close up of silicone portrait finished silicon portrait on plastic sheet a tree by pepperdine university view of an old backyard after the rain stopped white china marker drawing on longboard detail of china marker drawing, two birds and palm trees by the ocean a man at san francisco comic con woodblock painting of st terry davis side view of woodblock painting displaying psalms 51 back view of woodblock painting with st terry's prayer nana the rabbit whom my wife adores the heart is deceitful above all things the old arcade rental pick up truck called the millenium falcon arcade rental zone VR girl on mailing label signature arcade rental zone girl on mailing label a dancer on venice beach, oil on canvas paper a drawing of my brother my wife as the silent cop, oil on canvas board

Photo + Video

My interest in taking photographs came early from living in Vietnam with my father, who drew sketches and had a 35mm point-and-shoot, and my mother who was a tailor and had fashion magazines strewn about her workshop. I love both film and digital, disposable cameras and toys. Taking pictures is a joy. Portraits, Graduations, Lifestyle, Street, Fashion, Sports, Parties, Photobooths, etc... I enjoy taking pics of people the most. To me, video work is a natural extension to still pictures, and I approach videos as portraiture and documentation.

Here's my setup:
Film 35mm: canon av-1 (50mm), n8008 (50mm, 80-200mm, 43-86mm, and 300mm), disposables, and Kodak film scanner
Digital + Video: a7ii (16-35mm, 24-70mm, 43-86mm, 80-200mm, and 300mm) with Gimbal and Video Cage, GoPro

my wife praying by the water my wife in a sunflower field green gel nails old man in a field of bicycles tokyo forever early morning afternoon in da nang the prophet man skating and ministering chad the dancer in van nuys the old deardens we grew up here heart to God a dancer is a dancer woman in sapporo auntie who ran the fabric shop portrait of auntie C my two brothers the baby girl the baby boy postal worker by laurel canyon wife's new haircut haircut by chrizzors a poet is a christian the dancer annette by the roots in the earth siesta in hoi an city shot of sapporo with two brothers the outskirts of tokyo with my brother in japan pigeon on a covina power line, california working on the power lines moonrise in the mojave alpha 22 for you

Arcade Rental

I've worked with ARZ (Arcade Rental Zone) since 2017. This job is more Art than work in all its aspects. We do the smallest to the biggest events. We've delivered three machines to a kid's birthday party to a box-truck-full to San Francisco Comic Con to two-Penske-full to McCarran Airport. We've delivered to Footlocker, Sony, Apple, Nars Cosmetics, and Nike; we've shipped to fancy hotels in Berverly Hills, films sets in Downtown LA, to a highschool in Hemet, and to a banquet hall in El Centro near the Cali-Mexico border. We've sent one man to be a blackjack dealer with two small machines at a barmitzvah, to teaming up with our friend Fun Time Arcade to do an corpo event in Orange County.

This job is no joke. Logistically, it is very hard with maintenance and delivery of old machines with 'personalities', with multiple deliveries and pick-ups in overlapping time frames, so improvising and fixing on-the-fly is a crucial component to success. Customer service is difficult and its own animal. I've learned how to drive, deliver, deal cards, dolly, ratchet straps, program arcade boards, set-up, pick-up, pack, ship, and handle complaints on this job (and those are things which I remember)

the infamous warehouse all strapped in for a delivery downtime in downtown zaxxon in the desert at a video shoot in the desert big boss man young card sharks at a barmitzvah pick up at the sheraton hotel at universal studios at the los angeles convention center machines pink wrapped at the nars cosmetic event pink wrapped part 2 thoughtful Hamid on our way through Las Vegas


Been a f-stop technician since 2018 with Charlie Rock Firestopping and since 2023 with Apex Firestopping I've done drywall, electrical closets, garages, wall joints, plumbing & electrical & a/c penetrations, lofts, hospitals, labs, campuses, and entire condo complexes. Construction is a great job for its simplicity, freedom, and honesty.

electrical caulking putty pads split between two scissor lifts putty pad example first day on the job sealing the electrical penetrations on the job more caulking thru the framing a party wall after a long day i found a giant triangle and thought it was interesting office under construction and new management santa monica is always my favorite

Customer + Food Service

I am a receptionist at Grand Nail Spa in central Texas. This is about the chillest job that I've had as I am in the South and not Los Angeles, which means people are generally sweeter and less in a hurry. Phone handling, appointments, cashier duties, translation (most nail techs are Vietnamese), and in general customer satisfaction.

Had a three year stint with Curry House (closed) where I started as a cashier and host to a server. Duties were basically everything front of house: phones, togo orders (from taking to packing to handing it to customer), food expediting, bussing, cashier, opening to closing shop, dine-in, washing dishes, preparing desserts and drinks etc... It was a tough, fast-paced job where I learned a lot.

power lines by our home


The point of life is to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. The point of Dance (and all Arts) is to glorify and to praise God. (Matthew 6:24) "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

my dance parts as taken by my wife

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